Centered on Majesty

Timeless is the war for our faith and anchor in Christ to be dislodged. It can happen ever so subtly, even when we don’t realize it. Distractions, situations, relationships, and even good things can cause us to lose our center, or in other words, that place that gives us balance. When people lose their balance, they usually fall. It happens even if we don’t want it to, and even if we doubt it can. There is a lesson of the science of faith that is at work within the core of every soul. We must continually be “Centered on Majesty” by diligently pursuing Him and living a life that recognizes that Jesus Christ is our source and our stability.

“In today’s society, it is easy to stay focused on our pain, our victimization, and our troubles. In Centered on Majesty, Susan League lifts our eyes above self to the awesome God who holds our heart in His hands. Take this daily devotional journey with Susan as she leads you through the wanderings of your soul to the place where tears are wiped away and hope is birthed.

Her daily, relatable stories coupled with reflection on Scripture will set you on a Christ-focused path for the day. Let your spirit soar with Centered on Majesty.”

Crystal Martin

Cross-Cultural Missions Director

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries and Assemblies of God National Director

for Women in Ministry

--Susan League