Children of the Wind

Although fiction, the story is based on actual events, the tornados that struck Codell, Kansas on the same day for three consecutive years, 1916, 1917, and 1918.

Early 1900s, Pennsylvania farm boy Harley Coolbaugh believes he is destined for great things and they have nothing to do with farming. Harley is headed to the land of opportunity. Harley is going to California. His trip is a great adventure, but he runs out of money in Kansas and needs to get a job to fund the completion of his journey.

Fate leads him to County Sheriff, Osborne "Ozzy" Hill, who happens to be looking for a deputy and Harley will fit the bill just fine. Harley is hired and trained and his first major case is the murder of three Gypsies which some in law enforcement have deemed unsolvable. To complicate matters, his investigation is hampered by the townsfolk who believe the curse imposed on them by the dying Gypsy is real.

Twists and turns are the rule of the day, but Harley vows the killer will be brought to justice. His trip to California will have to wait.

--Jay Osman