Christian: Not of This World

Since the name Christian made its first appearance, the meaning of the word has gone through many name changes. Today there are as many meanings of Christian as there are denominations. And disturbingly, most of them bear a denominational, not a biblical imprint.

Brian Byrne has put aside his denominational spectacles and has taken a long hard look at what the scriptures have to say about the identity, life, works, and future of a Christian. And the results will surprise you.

Brian Byrne has found that the life of every Christian involves the separation of the things that belong to God from the things of the evil one. And integral in that separation is the question, “To whom do Christians give their allegiance?” He then explores the life, character, works, and accomplishments of the One whose name Christians bear, our Lord Jesus Christ. Included in his study is the essential element in Christian’s relationship with the Lord. It is by faith.

He has found that one of the great “missings” in the lives of Christians is the presence and work of the Spirit. Brian has explored this subject in considerable depth. He has followed this study with a study of Christian as disciple, exploring seven elements in the life of a disciple, and each one bears the imprint of the Spirit.

The family of God to whom all Christians belong has a special place in Brian’s study. He treats this special subject not as doctrine, but as practical reality, as the environment in which Christians are to express their faith. Brian explores the surprising glory for the Christian that is beyond this life. He concludes the book with details of a number of important words that Christians need to know and to apply.

Christian: Not of This World is an essential resource for everyone who bears the name Christian and for those who teach the principles of our faith.

--Brian Byrne

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