Christian Life in Satan's World: Six Questions for All Christians to Answer and Deepen Their Biblical Faith

We all make decisions every day. We choose what we wear to work and what to make for dinner, along with thousands of other minor choices each day. Most decisions don’t even register in our minds as we live our lives.

Decisions can be small, but other decisions will change the course of our life. Each day we decide to accept or reject the love of God. We choose to sin. We choose to avoid sin. Our choices directly affect our children and families, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

Being a Christian is a choice. We can choose to accept the blessings from our creator or we can ignore them and blindly accept what this world offers us. Our government is removing God from our society. Our schools teach our children God is a fairytale. The literal truth of the Bible is being attacked by modern-day science in an effort to destroy the greatest love story ever told. As God is being systematically removed from our communities, our country is falling apart in every way.

If you are not yet a Christian, this book can help you logically and scientifically realize there is no possibility of our existence without a loving God. If you are already a Christian, you will be challenged on the depth of your faith in an effort to help you trust every word in the Bible is true and accurate. Be ready for controversial issues to be addressed with biblical principles and for the discovery of how deep your faith can take you in realizing God’s amazing and perfect love for us.

--Emet Darash

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