Christianity From the Outside Looking In

Throughout my life, I have heard, as well as used, many excuses to avoid going to church and serving the Lord. It seems as though it is much easier to live and enjoy the world when you are not constantly reminded that you are going against God’s plan or His design for your life.To some extent that may be true, but those feelings are amplified and extorted by the devil. We are made to feel undeserving or perhaps superior to God’s love for us. The world will fill our minds and hearts full of doubt and disbelief to keep us from finding the peace we are meant to have, the peace that can only come through Christ. This book speaks of many topics that the world, the devil, and even ourselves use to rob us of our reward. They say misery loves company, and the devil doesn’t want to burn alone.I hope this writing entices its readers to continue searching for the Truth, the Light, and the Way.

--David E. Brittain