One person said, “I have read many a book in my life, but never one like this!”Tom moves from some of the simplest of entities in our life to some of the most complex issues of today. “It’s some of those simple things that hold great value for us.” He admonishes, “Follow truth, not people.”He tackles such a wide variety of topics that you never know what’s coming next. You may view your IQ differently than ever before! He tackles abortion, not in debate but with one simple question! He touches on alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, not in a condemning way but with thoughts he hopes will stick in your mind.This book does not come across as a preach-at-you book, rather, a passing on of thoughts to encourage you. “Don’t let anyone think for you! It’s your life. You’re the one who has to live it and leave it!”Shootings, voting, fairness—he takes them on. Oh yes, he tackles faith. He suggests you must have a TBS to have a Bible faith. A what? A TBS? You’ll see!It’s a thought provoker, highly entertaining, out of the box. Surprisingly, he somewhat minimizes politics. Tom maintains it is E-C-O-N-O-M-I-C-S that we need to understand. Like what works and what doesn’t work.He addresses what he calls the “what’s one vote” disease.He calls evolution a hoax and backs it up.He says we need to pull out the Golden Rule, dust it off, and hang it back up.The most stirring section may be “Finding God within Your Skin.” You will never look at yourself in the mirror the same ever again!He takes you into areas of thought where you’ve probably never been before, like down into the inner chambers of your heart…where no one goes…but you and God.

A fellow who was recently released after 27 years

in prison, when he finished reading CORNERSTONES,

said, "Tom, where was this book when I needed it?"

--Tom Gaskins Jr.