Danny & Annie and the Christmas Tree

The story of Danny and Annie takes place on Christmas morning in their living room. They are in their final year, celebrating their final Christmas in the closing hours of their final day on earth. As they commemorate this very last Christmas morn, Annie makes a wish to live their lives all over again. The wish is granted but not in a way foreseen by either of them. Their adventure begins at the ages they were when they first met in early childhood and ends with them having spent a lifetime together in marriage. Along the way, Danny and Annie face trials and tribulations, both new and old.This story is about how new beginnings can have old endings and how old endings can have new beginnings.Some of the characters Danny and Annie encounter during their perilous journey show themselves, at times, to be treacherous and dangerous. Other characters show themselves to be open and honest with their most common trait being a timely response to a desperate need.The overriding theme is Danny and Annie’s journey together, culminating in an encounter with the Grantor of wishes and prayers. This story hopes to reveal the crucial balance between grace and obedience during our walk of life in faith.

--Mark Lanham