Degraded to Elevated: Five Steps to Leave the Strip Club and Walk into Your Purpose

After four long years of being an exotic dancer in the strip clubs of Baltimore, Lacresia found herself indulging in the lifestyle that would soon take her deeper into a hole she couldn’t escape. In a world full of drugs, alcohol, and lust, she knew she had to escape the scene eventually. No amount of money would compromise her morals and values any longer. People admired her and asked her about the lifestyle constantly. However, instead of telling them about the eye-catching glitz and glam, she would give them the honest truth about the lifestyle past the money and the behind the scenes that no one sees or could ever imagine. After Lacresia finally escaped, she explains how once she left the lifestyle, she became a successful black woman with many accomplishments. She explains how she started all over from the bottom with her back against the wall plenty of times to make her way to the very top by the grace of God. Lacresia explains her views on being an exotic dancer. She explains being drugged at one time, how no one saw her more than what she was doing, to becoming a master’s degree holder, having a great career, and being an author. Lacresia gives five steps to escape the lifestyle to walk into your God-given purpose. She believes she has a gift and God has chosen her to go through this journey to inspire others that may need a little guidance.

--Lacresia Williams