Dewey's 123s: (And Friends)

Dewey the German Shorthair Pointer doggie loves making up words that rhyme all the time. And Dewey loves kids. Dewey also loves teaching numbers. Read how Dewey has used the names of cities, and towns, and animals to ask, “Would you like to see Dewey’s 123s?” One of Dewey’s favorite numbers is the number 4. Dewey’s question for the number 4 is, Would you like to see the number 4 eating an S’more with an ambassador and a herbivore dinosaur while petting a Labrador in front of a bookstore in downtown Baltimore when traveling to Singapore?In the book Dewey’s 123s you can also find out why Dewey’s friends now call Dewey “Late for Dinner.” No matter what, when you read this book Dewey’s 123s have as much fun as when reading Dewey’s first book, Dewey’s ABCs.

--James William Minthorn