Divine Revelations-Eye Openers

Florencia wrote Divine Revelations because she discovered the relevance of the Bible to her life. What she discovered as she spent time in the Word revealed more than just God's love for mankind-it changed her life.

She realized that as she took the time to meditate on God's Word, she became more aware of the Presence of God in her daily life, and who Christ is to her.

Spending time perusing the Bible has allowed her to experience the hearts of God and of Jesus. It has also given her insight into the Omniscience and the Omnipotence of an Omnipresent and very loving God. She also realized that because God sacrificed His most priceless gift - Jesus- for her, He will never withhold any good thing from her. The same is true for you. She hopes that by sharing the truths she has discovered with you, this book will pique your curiosity about the relevance of God and His Son, and the Bible to your life.

--Florencia Chang-Ageda