Don't Judge a Thief by Her Dragon

Lyn Bluestone has always heard of stories with wizards and wonders, dangers and dragons, and princes with princesses. But she will never experience the thrills and adventures of the legends she hears because she is merely just a common teenage thief—that is, until she realizes she has a bigger fate than she could ever have imagined. When the kingdom of Galador is under a fatal threat, Lyn, along with a young knight named Axe, are a part of Merlin’s prophecy to save the kingdom from a murderous madman. Suddenly, Lyn is a part of the stories her grandmother always told her, and she is soon thrusted into a journey she will never forget. With action, adventure, revenge, and redemption, this is a story about an average thief, who is judged by everyone she meets, who transforms into a warrior who rides upon the back of a dragon. The question is, will that be enough to save Galador? Or will everything go up in flames, smoke, and hopelessness?

--Rakel Rae

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