Dr. Faith on Faith: The Realities

Dr. Faith on Faith: The Realities is an inspirational read on the power and the impact of faith in the lives of everyday people and beyond. The focus is how we interact with ourselves during our “self-to-self” and our “self-to-others” life moments. The human experiences shared are compelling but still relatable and adaptable for most. The internal, invisible, and foundational faith we inherently possess ignites many psychological and physiological sentiments in us as we proceed to formulate various aspects of our global society here on earth. Numerous challenges of the social, political, economical, and emotional strata perpetuate reactions warranting expressed behaviors of love, devastation, hatred, community, struggle, apathy, empathy, sympathy, tolerance, and indulgence. The human race’s prospective on faith’s potency and significance in life can undoubtedly influence and or deter one’s direction or chosen path of action. Your ideologies, trust, belief, conviction, and confidence serve as the fundamental pillars of your faith indoctrination. Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Jehovah, Hinduism, Buddhism, or Islam, the above mentioned and numerous other communities, are true believers in the Higher Power, and the generational doctrines are deeply rooted in the faith practices.Phenomenal acts of faith are recorded in history from BC to AD. Miracles and inexplicable acts that have changed the world are still occurring. Most kingdoms, countries, and continents have been affected and effected by the power and determination of faith warriors and the power of the Almighty. Men, women, boys, and girls around the world are influenced by generational faith practices, religious doctrines, and human interactions. This account of faith power is written to uphold and promote the undeniable strength, capacity, fortitude, sanctity, and gratifying spirituality that your faith provides in each and every aspect of your life. Faith rules!

--Dr. Faith E. Hartie