Escape the Chambers

Eons into the future, the Titans develop a perfect society with no jails or hospitals. Tithonus, a medical researcher, triumphs over a myriad of viruses, plagues, and other biological degradations. At the height of his distinguished career, his wife dies and he descends into unproductiveness and depression. In response to Tithonus’ dilemma, young Dawn is extracted from the chambers to ascertain if she can revive Tithonus back to vitality and productivity. Not only does Dawn help Tithonus revitalize, but he also learns values that are antithetical to Titan teachings. Dawn and Tithonus flee the addictive confines of Titan society in search of freedom, survival, and true immortality. The Park to which the duo escape is an untamed world of savagery, along with mountainous splendor and hope. As their existence unravels around them, does the couple achieve victory in a quest for redemption and life’s ultimate purpose? “Timely, provocative, and controversial. Is society really heading in this direction?” John R.

--Dr. Thomas Coleman