Establishing Quality-Based Mindful Leadership Classrooms in Parochial Schools

You know that teaching is hard work, but thereís no reason that education canít be fun. Using continuous quality improvement (CQI) strategies described in this book, you can transform your classroom into a learning laboratory where enjoyment goes hand in hand with academic goals.

Continuous quality improvement limits lectures and replaces them with interactive activities that build confidence and knowledge simultaneously. Students need to be engaged and involved in the learning process. In CQI, they collaborate, sharing knowledge and building on their experiences. They evaluate themselves, and they also help you improve. Starting from the first day, students in a CQI classroom become self-confident and more assured as they take control of their education.

Pummeled by state requirements and constant testing, public schools have become little more than holding facilities, but parochial schools still provide flexibility and opportunity for improved educational techniques. Their design includes mindfulness, a concept that builds on spirituality to create a wholesome educational atmosphere. This book offers guidance to you, a parochial school teacher, aware that, eventually, your success will spur public schools to change.

Using CQI will force you to change your approach, while mindfulness will give you an appreciation of how students learn. The combination produces eager students who far exceed expected learning outcomes.

The book is your avenue to becoming the great teacher you always knew you could be.

--Robert Cornesky and William Lazarus