Feasting on the Living Word of God: Ambassador of Truth Ministries Feasting on the Living Word of God

Have you ever had anyone tell you something that wasn’t true? As we feast on God’s Word on a daily basis and as we meditate on what we study, we grow spiritually. This is our best hope to be victorious in our walk with Christ in this wicked world. We have put some lessons together to help us learn some truths that God has revealed to us and apply them to our lives, then we can be conformed to His dear Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. We will never know all—only God does. There are so many false doctrines being taught throughout the world. There is only one true Christ. There is only one Lord; there is only one God. If mankind will realize there is only one hope for salvation—and that is Jesus— then he must believe in Christ and repent his sins so that he can qualify to go to heaven.

--Rev. Roger Cole