Folly Monitor: Great Deceptions of the Modern Age

Folly Monitor is essential for every Christian and all others who sincerely honor our heavenly Father and truly love the Messiah, our Risen Savior. So much of what you have been led to believe is, in actuality, folly and deception from the enemy. You owe it to yourself to allow the truths within this important book to expose the lies that have spread throughout our society and the world.

Folly Monitor is a must read for every patriotic American who is passionate about our founding documents and the principles and values that make our nation uniquely precious. Every right-minded, constitutional, "Tea Party" conservative, who is devoted to integrity and truth, will be blown away by the deceptions exposed within the pages of this great book.

Folly Monitor is a must read for such a time as this. Knowledge is power and the truth shall set you free. Discover how the systems and institutions that you have lived under for your entire life are not at all what you have been led to believe. You have been victimized by an intricate, devious structure of folly, lies and corruption.

Folly Monitor's author is merely a humble servant of our Creator, our heavenly Father. The author's bio is insignificant in this epic battle between deception and truth, darkness and light. Satan knows that we are easily deceived. However, even in our transgressions, Father loves us. It is incumbent upon us to pursue truth and light, thereby overcoming folly and deception. The only One who is worthy of recognition is He who is Truth and Light, our loving Father. To Him be all praise and esteem.

--David Lynn