Daryl grew up in a small town and came from a happy home. After experimenting with alcohol Daryl found himself in the grasps of a hopeless obsession for alcohol. Despite experiencing tremendous amounts of legal trouble and emotional heartache he continued drinking. It was only after the secret intervention of his godparents he would attempt to alter his perspective. As Daryl's godparents become aware of his hopeless situation they get involved. Daryl's godparents led him on carefully planned adventures in order to shift his perspective. After inspiring Daryl with the promise of extravagant wealth as an incentive to give up his addictions. After a series of adventures and cross-country motorcycle rides Daryl is forced to experience a paradigm shift. After running out of gas on I-75 Daryl abandons his new Harley-Davidson and walks to a nearby town. In a small town in Tennessee Daryl has the most important experience of his life. Dehydration and an emotional breakdown present the necessary variables for his paradigm shift.

--Daryl Brown