Fourteen And Seven

Fourteen and Seven is a fictional story of two young children who were raised by their grandparents after the tragic loss of their parents. It tells how at the age of fifteen, they fell in love. They both dropped out of school and were married at sixteen years old. Al worked on a tugboat with his grandfather, and on his seven days off, he and his young wife, Martha, fished and trapped in the marshes of South Louisiana. They spent their time down the bayous at their grandfather's camps.

It tells how Al came to know the Lord when he almost drowned. It tells of the wealth he acquired during his young life. How he moved up with his company and became a rich man.

It tells of the lifestyle in South Louisiana from the 1920s to the present. This book is about a couple who fell hopelessly in love and how God blessed them their entire life. You won't read much tragedy in this novel. You will read about the love and life of a couple who believed in God and how He richly blessed them. It describes the waterways and bayous of South Louisiana, the Hill Country of Texas, and the mountains of Colorado. It talks about Alligator hunting and fishing along with trapping. You will get caught up in a lifestyle the author lived. You will walk into a world that once was. Enjoy Fourteen and Seven and the love of a very young couple. Watch as God walked with them every step of the way.

--Harlan M. Guillot Jr.