With all of life’s demands, we can easily be pulled six feet under in a pool of mind-altering fear. Many Christians do not understand what it means to be free from the bondage of sin, so we go on living in fear as though we were never saved to begin with. Freedom is for the person who has been swallowing up fear and has had enough.You are not alone. People all over the globe struggle with fear. Day by day, many are allowing fear to capture their hearts and steal their joy. But what if there was a way out of fear? What if we did not have to live with fear lurking around in the shadows?Guess what there is! In Freedom, Yvonne Lara inspires us to embrace the freedom Christ paid for us to have, to throw out fear and live in the fullness of God’s amazing love. Yvonne gives practical ways on how to overcome fear and shares her testimony.Have you been consumed with fear? Have you been longing to be free? “I have been screaming from the top of lungs to be set free!” “This fear is crippling” I get it. I have been there too. There have been days when I just wanted to sleep away all my fears, but I have found freedom the day I decided to surrender my fear back to the depths of hell where my sin was cast.Whether you are struggling with fear or not, Freedom is an encouragement filled with stories, biblical examples, journal entries, and poems. Freedom is a wonderful, straight-to-the-point, friendly conversation. Through this book, you will learn what freedom truly looks like, understand where fear comes from, and learn how you can get rid of that fear. Come along for the journey. Let us share some tears and laughter. You are not alone. Let’s do it together!

--Yvonne Lara