Seeing through the eyes of Carmella and her friends. Looking through the freshman glass. Watching how they interact and look at life situations from a teenager’s standpoint. Carmella and her friends are transitioning through so much in this time with themselves in friendship, with their parents and befriending a newcomer with every bit of drama she tries to bring. From job hunting, driving, summer camp, sports, youth group and all, you will find yourself just like or being one of the characters. I desire for you to indulge to see what you can imagine from within and take away from everyone of them as you read throughout the pages. Don’t just read it. To read it, allow yourself to experience as the character has and feel all that needs to be felt and more. Live out with exploration of what you can as you read their lives and look into your own. Laugh, cry, and grow with these characters. Remember how you used to be as a teen and how you see your parents and how you used to sneak to hear grown folks’ conversation. You have been, are in, or will be in a Freshman stage in life. Let’s enjoy this together.

--Roxey B.