God's Relationship with a Troubled Generation: Love, Obedience, Justice

God’s Relationship with a Troubled Generation seeks to shed light on the increasing neglect of God and faith by many among the present generation. Considering the global pandemic, political tension, and social injustice that have plagued the world, many people seeks answers about God’s truth and position in times like these while some others are discouraged about the truth in God’s Word and justice.

The book raises interesting and insightful views on life’s biggest misery (death), offers biblical and historical facts on the truth about the divinity of God, challenges the evolution theory, discusses and warns against common misconceptions about God, ungodly doctrines, and why Christianity is different and unique.

Furthermore, it discusses why it is one’s sole responsibility to seek the truth about the existence of God and the afterlife, explaining what God expects from us according to his own standards.

In conclusion, it analyzes how God has always sought to be in a relationship with man from the beginning of time and how that relationship has been kept from the past generations to the present. This book focuses on the principles of love, obedience, and justice, which detail how God has shown love to man and how he expects obedience in return. When we fail to obey his commands, he is only just to discipline and correct us for failure to heed his instructions after several warnings. Since ignorance of the law is no excuse, one’s ignorance of the law of God, whether one believes in him or not, will not exonerate one after death as the current life is only temporary. Therefore, the book shows why it’s important to seek God’s desired relationship with man before death as tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone.

--Ade O. Onifade