Got Cancer Yet?

Got cancer yet? Is a story of my life written by me from memory, based on my life story from childhood until now. Some of the beginning of the story was told to me by my parents, uncles, and aunts, and the only grandmother I knew. Not knowing my grandfathers in the past, today I am a great-grandpaw, and it is my wish that my children, their children, and even their children will enjoy this book and hopefully learn from some of my mistakes while hopefully sharing in the joy and love I have for them all. Today, I am cancer-free! It is by God’s love, good grace that my life has been granted to continue and set me in a place where I am loved by many and given such a wonderful home to write this book. Special thanks go to Victoria Noah for her time and help in my life and recovery. If this touches just one life for the good, then my work is done. At least for now. I shall return with more; if He is willing, I will be able.

--Eric R. Broome