Healing You and Your Family Tree: A Contemplative Approach to Personal and Generational Healing

Generational and family curses and bondage are real distressful experiences that plague and cause us suffering; they complicate and make personal and family life hard and unnecessarily burdensome. Healing You and Your Family Tree is written to address and counter this assault on families by evil forces, and their often hidden and unsuspecting agents. It outlines twelve comprehensive open doors to bondage and, gives insights on how to recognize the operations of demonic powers behind them, and the loopholes, mechanisms and tactics that lead to bondage. This well researched and detailed book is a useful guide to discern family curses that may be causing spiritual distress, the steps necessary to close the doors to evil, and how the power of prayer and intercession in the Spirit opens doors to grace and freedom through faith in the Holy Name of Jesus. Prayer is the antidote to evil, and the master key to healing. Prayer is the life of the soul as water is the life of fish. To pray well is to dwell and move in God. Saint Alphonsus Liguori said those who pray will be saved; those who do not pray will not be saved. The contemplative approach to healing has a special place for the prayer initiative as the gateway to freedom. God indeed governs the world, but prayer governs God. The prayer of faith that saves and heals rests on four solid pillars of prayer, penance, silence and solitude. We learn to pray by praying; when we do, we move mountains and overturn worldly kingdoms, God’s reign takes root in our hearts to make all things new in the love of the risen Christ. Christians born again and inserted into Christ by the Spirit in Baptism, united and strengthened in Him through Confirmation and the Sacraments, are prepared for victory in spiritual combat. This book equips readers with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in battles against evils. It prepares believers to gain vital knowledge of self and God, and outlines principles for daily victories in spiritual warfare with the strength of self-knowledge grounded in the truth of God’s unconditional love for us, and the armor of light we need to stand firm in faith and to resist and overcome evil. Our senses, thoughts, feelings, and desires help us to navigate the challenging road of suffering due to generational curses. This book helps us to engage our reason and faculties and gifts to cooperate with God’s grace to receive healing. We are assured that the ultimate solution to generational suffering lies in the committed and intense relationship with Jesus Christ in a life of charity rooted in truth, humility, moral purity and personal holiness, for the one purpose of acquiring purity of heart, by which we see God. It emphasizes the supreme power and effectiveness of Christ’s perpetual priestly sacrifice in setting all captives free, and alerts readers to the unseen but game-changing Spirit-inspired intercession of the contemplative approach to healing. Contemplation intensifies God’s fire-power in us through the Holy Spirit, we share in Divine intimacy, and are enabled to fight the good fight against the crosses of bondage with a sure and humble resignation to God’s Divine and always Victorious will.

--Father Christopher Ngozi Onuoha