Hope Aborted

It was 1973, the women’s rights movement has led to the Supreme Court ruling to legalize abortions. This is the story of three women who face the same crisis: unexpected pregnancies. Cheryl and Rebecca are both Christians who are guided by their faith. Mary, the third woman, is seeking a quick fix. What will the two college girls and fifty-three year old Rebecca do? Abortion? Adoption? Become a single parent? Follow their journeys as the consequences of their choices are confronted later in their lives. Who will seek and find God’s forgiveness and positive meaning to their lives? Who will allow regret to alter her life? To the young reader (forty and under), this story is a glimpse of our society before common use of laptops, cell phones, texting, and the Internet. You will see how institutions in our society—marriage, family, and value for human life—evolved from Judeo-Christian morals to the choices advocated today. Will our women be molded by present-day social mores, or will they claim values and forgiveness that can only come from God? Do you believe faith and trust in Christ can bring you peace and happiness? Enjoy the journey.

--Terrill G.