How God Works: How It All Started and What to Do about It

Often, when problems arise in our lives and we pray to God for help, we see no results. Or maybe we cry out to God, complaining about our situation, reiterating what is wrong in our lives, and asking him to do something about it. When nothing changes, we get mad at God and draw away from him. I know of people who have suffered the loss of a child and say that God just wanted that child to go home early so he took him. How can a person who is desperately asking for help love a God who they believe is ignoring them? Or how can a mother or father truly love a God who they believe killed their young child?The truth is God does not ignore the cry of a person needing help, and God does not kill babies. That is not how God works.In this booklet, you will discover the basics of who God is and how he deals with his people. God is very organized and deliberate about his relationship with mankind, and it is up to us to learn how to work with God. God is the creator and sustainer of all things. He doesn’t change, and if we want a relationship with him, we have to learn how to do things his way.In this booklet, we will discover how God has dealt with mankind since the beginning. We will discover what happened in the beginning that now causes so much misery and death in this world, and finally, we will discover God’s plan to restore all things.

--Dick Schinke

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