I Was Transformed by My Trials: Inspired by the Holy Spirit

This story speaks of a man on a journey, thinking he is in control of his life. Not knowing what the Lord had in store for him but having a gut feeling within that something was about to happen, Briant felt that his life was going to take a turn for the worse, and it terrified him to no end. He would later come to realize that in order for transformation to take place in his life, he would have to go through some trials. He didn’t want to change. He thought he was fine. Briant had to hit rock bottom and go through some real hard times and come to realize that it was the Lord who allowed all that he was going through. He was stripped down by God and lost everything, and God then had Briant’s undivided attention. For when he committed his life to the Lord after being spiritually broken with no one to turn to, he was forever changed from the inside out. His testimony will inspire you to keep on moving forward in the midst of whatever you’re faced with, for the Lord truly has a plan for all our lives. This is a true story of love, pain, suffering, loss, joy, and the awesome power of God showing up in the midst of everything that Briant faces. You will be inspired as you read, laugh, and shed some tears along the way. Briant was genuinely inspired by God Almighty to write this firsthand account happening in his life to tell what God did for him and how he brought him through it all. You are about to go on a journey. You will be deeply inspired to never give up and to keep the faith and know that the Lord is watching over his Word for your life to perform it. And know the Lord is going to do just that.

--Briant E. Rogers