In Pursuit of God

Forty-one years ago, the Lord put a passion in the heart of Peter Schuler to seek God with all his heart, soul, and strength. Peter describes this passion in his introduction: 'I love You, Lord. Burn away anything that is in me that is not of You. I fall short every day, but I run to You and feel Your loving embrace. I hold onto Your Hand, and You lead me through the storm. I need not fear the darkness around me for You are with me. My heart is overflowing with Your Love. Hold me close to Your heart and never let me go. I cling to You with all my strength. I put my hand into Yours, and I walk with You. I am safe for You are with me.'

By Grace, the Father has revealed Himself to Peter in a glorious way through visions, revelation, and amazing times of fellowship in the Presence of the Lord. Follow Peter's journey to know God as he worships the Father with music and photography on majestic mountain tops and beside beautiful lakes and streams. Discover God's Amazing Grace as Peter is called to lay down his life and walk through the valley of the shadow of death during a seven-year illness. Experience the joy of healing when the Lord miraculously restores his life. Hear the Call of God as Peter is led by Christ to leave everything behind and serve the Lord for twenty years in an inner city ministry to the homeless and those in jails and nursing homes.

It is Peter's prayer that this book will inspire others to fall in love with Christ and begin their own journey to know Him. The Father Loves us more than we can ever know. Once you experience the True Presence of God, nothing else will ever satisfy!

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--Peter Schuler