In the Hands of the Lord

When Ava was six, she already knew that her life was not going to be easy. Her homelife was not like other kids she knew, and she struggled throughout her childhood as a result of it. From an abusive home to a life of violence, her life quickly escalated down the wrong path. While in her twenties, she already had three young children to care for and became addicted to heroin. While addicted, Ava lost everything until she finally managed to get sober after being arrested. Sobriety brought back two of her children, and life did get easier, but something was missing. New love and marriage followed sobriety and brought great happiness, but still something was missing. She struggled spiritually having no religious upbringing, and even started practicing witchcraft. Having not found the spiritual connection she was looking for, Ava searched further. After years of spiritual dead ends, Ava found God and became a Christian, and her life finally became complete.

--Ava Savage