Into Jesus's Plan

Into Jesus’s Plan is a short and straight-to-the-point book about a young man growing up and wondering about the mysteries of the heaven and the unknown. This journey takes him from his childhood and teenage years to seeking the whole truth in Jesus Christ way into his young adulthood. He starts his search for the whole truth in righteousness, which he is most familiar with. When he has an overwhelming spiritual experience, it leads him to ask more questions and carries him through several religious experiences until he finds the whole truth in righteousness in Jesus Christ into his adulthood. Earnest and his family’s drives to church in the country would soon fade away, and Earnest began to face some challenges during his teenage years. He began to hang out with the wrong crowd and began to smoke cigarettes, use illegal drugs, and drink alcohol. Earnest began to break in and began to take things that did not belong to him and began to get in trouble with law enforcement. While his mother and sisters decided to start over and he began a new life for himself, trouble would follow. Along with the personal challenges that he faced during his teenage years, Earnest had questions about religion and a true Christian way of life, but would he find it?

--Earnest Jones Jr.