The poems within this book are the selected works of Richard Belshe. They take the reader on a journey through the mind of an inventor. The reader will find himself soaring through future revelations and then cautiously uncovering the hidden secrets of the past. Some of the poems within these pages are simple, lively, and fun; and some are deep and heart-wrenching—cutting to the very core of the reader’s emotional being. Sweeter Than Sugar is a prophetic work. The events in this piece take place in the natural world, but every stanza can be linked to a scripture that depicts a prophetic event. “Soldiers of Evil” describes the inner struggle a man faces when he recognizes the evil inside himself. “Inventor tells” the story of a writer who seeks to bring life to his creation, but he wrestles with his subconscious who argues that his invention can never be real. So settle in, reader; and instead of the usual warm blanket and cup of coffee, grab your thinking cap, detective skills, and don’t forget the keys! There will be many mysteries to unlock as you delve into the mind of an inventor and his unconventional invention.

--Rick Belshe