John Wesley Church Mouse

It is Christmastime in the small town of Chapin, South Carolina. All of the churches are preparing for a special Christmas Eve service to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Chapin United Methodist Church is putting the last plans for the service of worship all together. Unknown to the staff or Pastor Jody, there is another secret member of the staff scampering about, yes, scampering to check on each person as they finish up.

John Wesley Church Mouse VI is doing his job although a little more slowly this year. His arthritic knee slows him down some. Up and down the church halls he runs, checking on Pastor Jody and all of the staff. His little mouse legs still carry him well.

"Twas the day before Christmas and all through the church" Read the poem to hear about a tornado, a fire, a box of hymnals, and a brave little mouse ending in a lesson of great joy!

--Evelyn Anne Johnson-Neal