Kingdom Mandate for Kingdom Builders

Do you realize you are a citizen of the Kingdom of God now? Do you know the characteristics of Jesus as your King? Do you understand how to unlock the power and use the keys of the Kingdom on earth? What about praying the Kingdom down into your daily circumstances or community? These are critical questions that every Christian should know because the Kingdom of God was Jesus’s central message throughout His entire earthly ministry. Even after He resurrection He gave His last forty days on earth “speaking of the things of the Kingdom of God” before empowering and launching Kingdom believers into changing the world as change agents for the Kingdom of God. Jesus taught His disciples the Kingdom principles of locking and unlocking the principles of the Kingdom, how to flow in the power of the Kingdom, and how to pray His Kingdom into everyday circumstances as a Kingdom citizen on earth. The Kingdom is here on earth in seed form and Jesus empowered us to plant and grow His Kingdom in the midst of the darkness around us. But do we really know what the Kingdom of God is and how we can live as Kings on earth like Jesus? The Kingdom has unlimited blessings that Jesus promised to us and He wants us to experience them in the here and now. Dr. McGeorge presents a thorough picture of the Kingdom on earth today so you can walk in the Kingdom, learn to live as a Kingdom citizens with all of its rights and privileges and how we can function as Kingdom ambassadors in our homes, workplaces, communities, and everywhere in order to bring the culture of the Kingdom back into our communities. But he also explains the Kingdom battle we are in and how to win over all Kingdom enemies. This is one of the most complete studies on the Kingdom of God on earth today.

--John F. McGeorge, Jr.