Kingdom Of Loving

What does it really look like to walk in the love of Christ? Is it possible to truly forgive people who have wronged you in the worst possible ways? When God tells us to love our enemies, what does that really look like in real life? Is heaven real and are angels really among us? What does it look like to surrender your life to Jesus Christ?Kingdom of loving will dig deep into these questions and take you on the personal journey of Eman as God began to transform his life through His radical love even during tragedy and loss.This book will help you better understand what it looks like to walk in the divine love of Christ, as well as how to be free from the chains of unforgiveness that keep us from experiencing the fullness of God’s love. You will become free because that’s what Jesus paid for.If you have found yourself stuck feeling like you can never let the past go or question the reality of God or heaven, if you have never really experienced God’s love, it’s my belief that this book is for you and will help you not only know but experience for yourself that God is real and loves us.

--Eman Norman