Late Leaf Lucy

Late Leaf Lucy is a book of hope, encouragement, and assurance of the spirit of God’s words and the depth which he will go to make his word come through in your life regardless of who you are, where you are, your ability, or your disability because he knows you and he created and formed you. His words say, “I know you, and I am acquainted with all your ways, and I know your thoughts from afar.” You need not get discouraged because of doubt or any situation or circumstances because they change like the wind, but what God have for you is for you. Just hold on to God’s words and truth; it cannot fail. Keep your eyes on the prize: that plan God has for you. Can’t no one take it, not even if you have a twin brother or sister; it’s yours.” Time is not going to run out if you are keeping your eyes on the promises of God. He says, “I am with you. If you ascend up to heaven, I am with you. If you make your bed in hell, yet I am with you.” So be encouraged; God’s plan for you will not fail. Remember Lucy.

--William Fishburne