Letters From Home

It is nearly impossible to over-estimate your value to God.

To answer the complaints of the religious leaders of his time, Jesus told a large crowd three stories in quick succession. In each story something of value was lost or out of place. In the first story it was a sheep. In the second it was a silver coin. In the third and most compelling story, what went missing was a son.

The words spoken by Jesus revealed Godís heart for those misplaced in this life. Though many had been rejected by the religious system of the day the plan of Jesus was to gather the rejected, the outcast, that generation of lost sons and daughters to himself. The central message conveyed in each story told by Jesus that day was that what has been lost or misplaced has not lost its value to God.

In Letters from Home, John Allred shares a fatherís heart with those who are out of place. It consists of six letters written from the perspective of a patient loving father calling his wayward children home.

The message to the missing sons and daughters comes through loud and clear. Jesus came for the hurting, the lonely, and the lost. He values these so he came for these.

The word to the church is also compelling. The Fatherís heart is for the one lost sheep. It is an admonishment to take on the role of the shepherd and remember the one, to go after the one, and to receive the one.

--John Allred