Lilibet and Her Llama

Lilibet is an adventurous little girl with an endless imagination. Along with her fluffy, multicolored friend Llama, they embark on exciting, fun-filled adventures. From the park to the zoo, who knows what they will do! From playing in the sun to sliding down a snow-covered hill, Lilibet and her Llama never sit still! Oh, the places they will go, the things they will see, the stories they will tell for all children to read! Will they ride in a train today or play on the beach in the sun? Will they hike in the woods today and watch the animals play and run? Will they travel to Paris or fly to Italy in a plane? Oh, the wonderful things they will see-the adventures are never the same! So come along with Lilibet and her fluffy friend Llama too! For when you travel with them, there are endless things to do!

--Michelle Hill

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