Living on This Side of the Timeline: A Second Anthology: Fresh Writings and Poems

We all are very fortunate to have been handed life, through God’s grace, with an opportunity to spend eternity with him in his heavenly kingdom. As humans, we are extremely important to God. He proves it through the events of his son’s thirty-three-year life. Our own personal view on salvation and how we decide to live this life, with or without Christ, are vitally important to him as well. One thing we all have in common is that we all exist together on the same created planet, doing the best we can with what we have, in a world that was once unbroken. We have a creator who knows all about everything we are now dealing with and are going to face as we travel our personal paths. He yearns to have a personal relationship with each one of us. But ultimately, that choice lies at the doormat of each of our hearts. He waits for us to answer that door. When we do, heaven rejoices! God is our only hope in life and our triumph thereafter. That is the narrative these books have endeavored to tell, through the author’s poetry and short tales.This is the author’s second anthology of Living on This Side of the Timeline (Fresh Writings and Poems). These new selections delve into various themes, leading the reader down roads of faith, hope, praise, wonder, humor, encouragement, the profound, and that of simple daily life. Together as earthly neighbors, we all share our precious lives with challenges, joys, and personal dreams Living on This Side of the Timeline.

--William D. O'Toole