Loss & Redemption: Lessons from Naomi & Ruth

The book of Ruth is among the only three books of the Old Testament named after women—Ruth, Esther, and Judith. It is a fascinating short story. Loss and Redemption: Lessons from Naomi and Ruth explores the relevance and resonance of the story of Ruth as lessons for today’s reader. The lessons go beyond grieving to perennial human problems. It is not a technical biblical analysis of the book of Ruth but a practical and straightforward application of Ruth’s story to specific daily struggles. “The book of Ruth remains among the most fascinating, and yet elusive, chronicles in the Bible. In this notably well-written study, Fr. Thomas systematically traces its meanings and ongoing resonance in notably clear, yet resonant language. A gem of a book.” —Jim Cullen, PhD, Author of Restless in the Promised Land: Catholics and the American Dream and other books“This excellent book illuminates the levels of meaning that can be found in the book of Ruth. While engaging us with its perceptive writing, it draws some extremely important lessons from the actions of this much-loved story and relates them to our present situation.” —Tom Milton, Author“This book has brought both old and new insights to the Old Testament’s story of Ruth and Naomi to help Christians in this time of world suffering. He draws on modern scientific resources and findings, along with traditional theological insights.” —Sidney Callahan, PhD, Author, Lecturer, and Licensed Psychologist“Thomas’s use of the book of Ruth as the instrument for guiding us through the maze of current physical and spiritual loss provides the reader with a thoughtful direction that so many of us seek.”—Mary Lou Dillon, an educator

--Thomas Oppong-Febiri