Mad at God: Exploring Post-Traumatic Spiritual Disorder (PTSD) with the Prophet Habakkuk

Mad at God unwraps the mystery of the Old Testament prophet’s wisdom through Lee Milliner’s own experience as a seasoned military chaplain and combat veteran, and we are given an invitation to peer into the soul of the despairing believer that we may find our own way through perplexity and pain. Heartfelt and heartrending, this book taps into the hard-earned wisdom of scripture in a way that is understandable and affirming. We are allowed to wrestle with the angst and anger that come with facing inexpressible pain and untold sorrow. There are no holds barred… This book tackles the one place few are willing to go: into the eye of the storm that is the crisis of faith. But it’s here that recovery is received: real and available for all who have the courage to move toward the salvation found in our Redeemer.—From the “Foreword” by Margaret Kibben, Chaplain, US House of Representatives Twenty-sixth Chief of Navy Chaplains

--Lee Milliner