Make It Count: You Have Just One Life

Life is precious. The power to make life count is within your reach. You must trust God not to leave this earth without leaving a deposit of eternity in the sands of time.

You are not ordinary. Inside you is the solution to the problems being encountered in the world. You were ordained and brought to this earth, to add taste to the world, and to lighten every dark path.

The earnest expectation of the righteous is waiting for your full manifestation. If nothing was deposited in your life to contribute to your generation, you will not be on the earth at this point in time. Walking this earth today and your encounter with a book like this is a sign that you are a solution provider to make your world a better place.

You are too loaded to leave this earth without off-loading what you have inside of you.

This book contains a practical guide for making life count. It contains the secret to living a victorious and triumphant life on Earth. The purpose of this book is to bless the nations of the world!

--Chinedu Isoh