Make Me the Moon: Coming Out of the Darkness of Abuse

Do you feel stuck? Feeling like you’re on an emotional roller coaster, not knowing how to escape? Are you longing for freedom from the confusion, chaos, and troubling thoughts that can be a result from past abuse? Make Me the Moon will help you find clarity and insight into the emotional baggage and damage that can be caused by sexual abuse. You are encouraged to see past the hurt and pain that has been gripping your soul and to see yourself as you were created to be: loved, free, and blessed. Make Me the Moon will challenge you to begin a journey of healing that confronts lies that have been internally accepted and believed. Lies that tell you you aren’t good enough, you don’t matter, and you will never feel loved.

More than a book, Make Me the Moon is a revealing account of Stacey’s journey in finding healing and acceptance through the unconditional love offered by God. Freedom from hurt and pain, confusion, and chaos is possible! The journey to healing begins through the power of God’s love. Are you ready to begin your journey?

--Stacey L. White