Man Card: (For Christians)

Is your Man Card intact?Turn in your man card! Most men have heard this term man card before. It’s a good-natured way we evaluate each other as men on whether we are acting like so-called manly men. This book introduces the concept of a new kind of man card: a man card for Christians. We explore the standard-issue man card, examples of well-known people who have lost their man card as well as a comparison to biblical men who also lost their man card.The Christian Man Card is discussed in detail from how it gets issued, who issues it, the ground rules for keeping this man card, and what you must do to get it back should you lose it. Today’s world offers many temptations for a man, and we can quickly get sidetracked from how we are supposed to conduct ourselves. Morality and accountability are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Our actions can hurt or even destroy our loved ones and the people around us. The devastation that can be created by our actions can be detrimental to future generations. Inside Man Card (for Christians), you will learn the essential character traits we should portray and the behaviors we must adhere to in order to hold onto your Christian Man Card. The book includes clear direction on how to start the process of conforming to a different way of life and the top areas we can address immediately to help in the transformation. Our future as a decent society relies on men receiving and maintaining their man card for Christians.

--Mike Klooster