Napping in Delilah's Lap: The Pandemic of Pornography in the Pew & the Pulpit

Dramatically called, gifted, and appointed for work prepared in advance by the master of the universe. So was Samson. So is the church today. Napping in Delilah’s lap, simplemindedly unaware of the impending tragedy. So was Samson. So are many in the church today. Pornography aims to turn God’s followers away from Him. This poorly understood and little discussed phenomenon holds many men, women, and even children across the globe captive.

Find freedom from deep-rooted compulsions like: Sexual immorality, Electronics Overeating, and food disorders Compulsive shopping, Fear, worry, and anxiety Self-harm, alcohol, and substances Exercise and fitness Fashion and appearance People-pleasing and manipulation Sports and entertainment Power and control, etc. This book is an urgent wake-up call and how-to manual for people of all ages on how to turn from the self-worship that so easily besets and ensnares us, to the single-minded worship of the lover of our souls, Jesus Christ. As we expose and confess our sin, with the help of the Spirit, God is very able to deliver us from our sinful habits. He will then powerfully use you to deliver others who are ensnared!

--Hannah Thuku Kolehmainen, PhD.