Nobody Small

Nobody Small-a story of love and need.

A dwarf named Nobody Small, a curious, cute tiny boy with a tenacious drive and unyielding loyalty to God, perseveres on an unbelievable journey. Sincere and serious in his search for love, a new family, and home, he prays for closure every day. Unsure of his future, being so young and so small, he relentlessly braves the toughest trials in his urgent quest, surpassing all odds of survival in a highly judgmental world.

Years earlier, he learned of his abandonment as an infant and was reared by loving foster parents. Nevertheless, he yearned to know what prompted his parents' decision and queried the rationale of such an inhumane act.

At last, after many weary days of sleeping in places his tiny frame would fit, eating discarded packaged food left on the ground or in trash cans, and drinking water or soda in capped bottles, he finally approaches a large white house with a warm, inviting, ornate brown front door. Once inside this welcoming abode, his unstable life makes a complete about-face!

Sally, the owner, has an adorable cat named Momar, who instantly attaches himself to the tiny stranger. Her grandchildren soon expose Nobody to unimaginable sights and sounds as they take him on a long walk with an itchy desire to explore an old church under renovation.

Before his admittance to the hospital, nobody meets and befriends a horse named Barney. This encounter divulges to him the fascinating world of a grand equestrian lifestyle. He constantly thanks God for answering his list of human desires. However, multiple surprises are waiting in the near future for this once-unhappy orphaned child, all planned by God and unfolding in his time-only in His time!

--Doris Marie Davis