Notes to Live By

Are you noteworthy? Better yet are you worthy? This is a question we often ask ourselves. The answer is yes! We are all worthy of God’s unfailing love and gift of salvation. How do we obtain this, and once we have received it, what do we do next? All of these answers and more are found in his word! This devotional is an expression of his love through my eyes that build a bridge to his word showing we are all worthy of his love! Exploring all-new Bible verses beyond those included in Rhyming with Jesus to help get a deeper grasp of his word. Let us become the believer and disciple God wants us to be! Daily you can write a love note to God or yourself to help keep your relationship alive and active! His word gives us notes to live by so we can thrive in his amazing grace! Join me in this noteworthy experience finding and living out your salvation in Jesus Christ today!

--Traci Britt