Pandemics and Behavior Finance Control Wall Street Volatility: Where Emotions Rule

Considering the stock market an actual person, this book takes an investor through a journey that makes sense of its nuances, complexities, and how it acts and reacts to the financial and economic environment.You begin at the start of the map as a novice, breaching barriers on insights that help you foster your investment portfolios to new heights of profitability. You’ll learn about the accuracy of behavioral finance and break misconceptions that often scare off investors.On your way, you will be surmounting information gaps, understanding the volatile nature of the stock market, and learning more about the tools of the trade. From process awareness about stock ownership to subjective probability and more, there is much to uncover.The goal is to make the road one easier to travel, equipping you with the capabilities to carve your own path to success with a better understanding of the very lively behavior of the stock market.In the end, you’ll come out a little more seasoned and a little more empowered to take on the waves of excitement the stock market brings.

--Ernest H. Brooks