Pieces: Constructing the Identity Puzzle: A Christian Perspective

Identity is one of the most controversial topics discussed in our world today. There are many competing factors that try to define what a person is or is not, who they should be or not be, and who gets the final say on how they will be perceived.We already have too many copycats, imitators, and lost individuals who do not understand who they are or how they fit it into the piece of the human puzzle. They often end up in places that they didn’t imagine, settling in jobs or careers that they hate, in relationships that drain them, or are simply trying to find their way back to being who they were always meant to be. It doesn’t help that we live in a social media–driven culture where many are so focused on what society says is the norm that we forget to be original and authentic.No one should be trying to force-fit into a place they were never intended to remain. Although all of us have made mistakes that have tried to define us, have felt lost or confused at some point in our life journey, and have been forced to make hard decisions in the midst of pain, none of these things have the final say on who we really are.Life has a way of snuffing out true passion, shutting down dreams, and altering the lens in which we view the world. Pieces: Constructing the Identity Puzzle; A Christian Perspective is a book that details the journey of uncovering your unique identity while seeking to understand God in the midst of your flaws and imperfections.Through poetry, anecdotes, and practical wisdom, Powell explains the ways in which a person who once felt uncertain, robbed, lost, and defeated can recover and emerge victorious. This book challenges you to reflect on the things that prevent you from being truly authentic while exploring the process of uncovering the layers that make you “you!” Finally, it asks you the most important question of all: “who are you really?”

--Candace Powell