Planet Alverst: Part 1: The End or the Beginning

Mother Earth is dying due to some sort of fungus and mold. Scientists cannot find anything to kill or remove it. It is speeding up each day.

NASA and the space agency have discovered a planet much like Mother Earth and can sustain the life of the Earth. They send six of their best astronauts to explore the new planet and set up a base camp. They then send thirty specially trained people to get a planet, seemingly void of all life except trees, mountains, oceans, and lakes, to ready it for Earth’s people. When they get there, they realize that all messages from Earth are so garbled that they cannot understand. The underfunded NASA and space agency have to find ways to get their spaceship space-worthy. In the midst of this, a large international gang decides they want to be on the next ship. They are willing to get those tickets no matter the cost or life. They divide into groups. Each group has a different job to do, like steal, murder, and take control of the space agency’s technicians in charge of the countdown procedure. One gang decides to kidnap the president of the United States and hold him hostage for the tickets. They managed to get by the inattentive guards. They got to the Oval Office. As soon as they started to get in the door, the president hit the panic button. They told him to stand up. When he stood up, he had his big gun in hand and started firing; the gang members did the same. The original group on Planet Alverst soon began to think they were not alone on the planet.

--Doreen Bell