Play Again: God's Love in Every Season

We’re constantly being given reminders that God is with us every step of the way. Your Father loves being involved in the details of your life, and every new day is His way of reaching out to show you He’s in every breathtaking sunrise. And the first light of each day can serve as a reminder of how close He is to us. He is with you in every laugh you share with friends, every hug you give a family member, every “I love you” that you choose to speak, every changed diaper, every song you sing along to with your car windows down, and every late night that you gaze at the stars shining down on you.”There’s a subtle art in allowing ourselves to be loved, but God’s love comes without effort. His love is natural, and it’s for every single one of us. In every season, our Father loves us more than we could ever imagine. Dare to allow yourself to be wrapped in the center of His love right where He intended for you to be.

--Joseph Suggs