Poetic Stepping-Stones of Faith

Poetic Stepping-Stones Of Faith is a book of poetry written and created over three decades. It includes a variety of poems such as " The Beauty Of God", "Woman", "The Hands Of A Man" and "Stop This World" to name a few. The poems speak to the human experience and how that experience intersects and connects to Jesus Christ. From the beginning of time, words have been found to be a powerful element; that started with God speaking this universe into existence. Disagreements and more have occurred because of ill spoken words between people.

However, the words of Poetic Stepping-Stones Of Faith are meant for the reader's enjoyment. It is the writer's belief that the poems will aid in connecting people with a thread of humanity that is common to all human beings. We all may have had experiences that bring joy, sadness, loss, etc. The poetry in the book is to help us get a greater glimpse of Jesus Chris and what He offers us as we live this life on earth. These poems reflect the day to day struggling, living, and overcoming to obtain the victory. Christ is ever near, standing by ready to give us that extra courage and energy to take that next leap to the stepping stone. Stepping Stones Of Faith is a book that reflects to us the encouragement of Christ when we feel overwhelmed whether we're a believer or unbeliever. I believe this book will lift the human spirit and impart the love of Jesus Christ through the poems. This book includes poems that relate to our past, expressions of our present, and hints related to our future. May all who read this book gain insights into the precious love that God has for all human beings; and. May people come to know a little more about the goodness of Christ through the reading of Poetic Stepping-Stones Of Faith!

--Brenda Greene